Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays – NFL Blitz is Back edition

Blitz is back! Just as they did with NBA Jam, EA is continuing Midway’s arcade sports legacy with a new and improved version of NFL Blitz. It looks as crazy and over-the-top as ever and should be worth a look.

Check out more details and a link to queue it up.

NFL Blitz (1200 points)

The big hits and stellar plays are back with all-new NFL Blitz. Featuring a combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit and the deep, immersive game modes of today, NFL Blitz is recharged with an energetic, football gaming experience. Whether battling your rival in a 7-on-7 grudge match, fighting your way through a season of the Blitz Gauntlet, or taking over the online Battle Boards in Blitz Battles, Every Game Is a Two-Minute Drill with NFL Blitz!