Trine 2 review for PSN, XBLA, PC

Platform: XBLA
Also on: PSN, PC
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Frozenbite
Medium: Digital Download
Players: 1-3
Online: Co-op
ESRB: E10+

Gamers were blown away in 2009 with the puzzle platformer called Trine hit PC?s, and afterwards the PS3 via the PlayStation Network. The game was rather short, so gamers were obviously left wanting more. Well your wish is the developers command. Now you too can witness Trine?s universe with its amazing visuals, fun platforming, and mind-bending puzzles in this sequel that does everything bigger, badder, and better, just like a sequel ought to.

You play as a Knight, a Wizard, and a Thief and the mysterious Trine has appeared again requesting all three to make another appearance in order to save the kingdom once again. Told in storybook fashion that has some humorous voice-overs, you won?t really gather much of a story that has depth, per se, that makes you care about the characters, but it is more like something you?d read your five year old at bedtime. As with the original, it isn?t the game?s storyline that provides merit, but instead the look and feel of Trine 2 will capture you and suck you into the fantasy.

Trine 2 uses a 2.5D style of platforming and art that will allow gamers to move left and right, up and down in 2D fashion, while the world and objects are fully 3D rendered. The colors, lighting, shadows, and designs of not only the world of Trine 2, but the enemies and bosses will make the eyes water with tears of joy. Whether you are jumping off giant mushrooms, or fleeing from spider web filled caves, each level provides a diverse and unique sense of design and wonder.

The game?s real star of the show is the game play elements that mix different styles from each of your 3 playable characters. The wizard is weak, but can levitate and conjure blocks out of thin air to help reach places he?s too feeble to do so on his own. The knight can break his way through obstacles and fend off greater foes. Lastly, the thief will use her grappling hook to reach places up high and out of reach and her bow attacks can take down enemies at a distance. The first level allows you to familiarize yourself with each character?s unique play scheme, but from after that you are on your own to figure out which one will get you past certain obstacles, but fret not as you can select any charter on the fly and use them when the time is at hand. What?s more, you can call up a friend to play on or off line in a 2 or even 3 player co-op mode to use as many heads and brains it takes to make it though the game?s 8 levels. Of course the game can be just as simply conquered on a solo experience as long as you are familiar with the ways of the warriors. Of course what good platformer doesn?t have objects and collectibles spread out through the levels to have you trying them over and over again to gain that 100 percent mark.

If you are looking for that bite sized adventure that will fill in the gaps between games like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, then the 10 dollar price point on Trine 2 is just that meal that will help you make it to the next great main course. It?s pretty to look at, fun to play, head scratching enough to make you think, but not so frustrating to the point you want to smash something valuable, and it even has multiplayer on and offline to boot. All the good trademarks of a healthy downloadable title that is worth its weight in gold. Fans of the first I?m sure had no second thoughts on grabbing this goodie, the question is, if you haven?t yet?why not?

Grade: B+