Join the new Hitman Barcode Society and hopefully live to tell about it

Shhh… Square Enix and IO Interactive want to invite you to join the Barcode Society, which is now a not-so-secret new site for all things Hitman related, such as the upcoming release of Hitman Absolution.

The site will help bring the Hitman community together as well as provide news, new media and assets, and other assorted exclusive content for fans.

Check it out, right here:

Read on for the announcement with more details, and feel free to pre-order Hitman Absolution below.

Dedicated to all things HITMAN, The Barcode Society is run by IO Interactive to give HITMAN fans a single place to get information about their favorite assassin. The Barcode Society Blog will give quick access to the latest HITMAN news and behind-the-scenes access to the developers, as well as insights into the processes that lie behind the development of AAA games. The site will also feature new assets, exclusive competitions and other goodies that you can?t find anywhere else.

The Barcode Society is built for the community. IO Interactive and SQUARE ENIX welcome feedback and thoughts, so fans can join in on the official forums where they can share views and register on the site to allow for comments on blog posts and access to future features. The site will be updated weekly with new stories, insights into the game, vintage assets from the archives of the previous titles, features with key community people and much more.

Join the Barcode Society now by visiting