Choplifter HD Now on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN

Today Choplifter HD hits the XBLA and PSN and is getting early “additing” buzz around it.  Some are saying they have that Trials HD feeling all over again.  I received the code earlier today and will have a full review by week’s end.  For now, download the demo, the game, or just read on for more info!


Action-Packed Helicopter Classic Now Available on PlayStation? Network, Xbox Live Arcade and PC

Newport Beach, CA – January 11, 2011 – inXile Entertainment today announced that the highly anticipated Choplifter HD is now available for download via PlayStation? Network, Xbox Live? Arcade and PC for $14.99/1200 Microsoft points.  Choplifter HD is developed by inXile Entertainment, who is publishing the PlayStation? Network and PC versions, and co-publishing the Xbox Live? Arcade version with Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
“We really focused on returning to our old school gaming roots with Choplifter HD,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile Entertainment.  “We made sure to have plenty of variety in missions, choppers and enemies, while lacing in those special moments that we love here at InXile. Choplifter HD is the kind of game that WE want to play!  We are very proud of the experience we created and I can’t wait for gamers to get their hands on it!”

About Choplifter HD In Choplifter HD, players take control of a variety of helicopters armed with a number of offensive capabilities so they can swoop in and make daring rescues in hot zones. The game features more than 30 missions ranging from straight prisoner extraction to dropping off saboteurs that blow buildings sky high to saving survivors from viral outbreaks.  Pilots must bank, hover, touchdown, and sometimes even shake loose pesky zombies hanging from their choppers.  Gamers can also look forward to a few cameos from some of the videogame industry’s most legendary leading men including Duke Nukem and Super Meat Boy.  Choplifter HD combines intense action, humor and tons of variety, creating developer inXile Entertainment’s own, fresh take on the original Choplifter experience.  Choplifter HD is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and dares players to risk their lives in order to save others starting today.