Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays – All Zombies Must Die edition

It’s always a bit quiet in the gaming world during the post-Christmas and Hanukkah timeframe, but there’s at least one new XBLA title on Xbox Live Marketplace worth checking out.

All Zombies Must Die!, Doublesix’s co-op zombie shooting sequel of sorts is now available. It’s only 800 points, though like their original zombie game, it doesn’t support online play. There are leaderboards and 2 – 4 player offline multiplayer modes however.

Check out more details and a link to queue it up.

All Zombies Must Die! (800 points)

Go on! Do it! Spend those points! Hurry up! time is of the essence. Someone has to take care of all those zombies and who better to do that than a gifted gamer like yourself! Think – in a short while – you could be blasting your way through ranks of brain-hungry monsters, making bizarre weapons and completing crazy quests. All that could be yours if you just buy the game! Remember, All Zombies Must Die! We need you!