Enjoy the Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Master of Monsters” trailer and plenty of new screens

It’s getting difficult to keep up with the Final Fantasy XIII-2 updates from Square Enix as their flurry of new details, screenshots and videos have been picking up in advance of the North American release.

This morning they sent over a batch of new screens and a Master of Monsters trailer, both of which are embedded below.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 new screens:

The new screenshots showcase more on Yeul, Oerba (the hometown of Fang and Vanille), the Vile Peaks (one of Cocoon?s lowland areas), Serah?s Ultima Arrow, and the Archytte Steppe Statues.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Master of Monsters” trailer:

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5rpmu4bqvo” width=”550″]

For the first time in a FINAL FANTASY game, the player has the ability to capture monsters for use in future battles. Each monster has a specific role to play in combat, and there are more than 150 to collect, each with their own special attacks. As with the main party members, monsters can be developed and leveled up.