Can It Be? Half-Life 3 rumours build Steam!

If a tweet by an independent game developer has any credibility, it may be time to start polishing up your crowbar and charging your HEV suit.  Chandana Ekanayake, jack of all trades at Uber Entertainment, makers of Monday Night Combat, tweeted a picture of a shirt being worn by a Valve employee  at a recent “local game developer event”.

Sure, an avid fan may have just made their online casino own t-shirt as a practical joke, but there”s no harm in hoping that this is valid.  I kind of expected Valve to finish off the HL2 Episodes before moving on to a full-blown sequel, however, it wouldn”t be too much of a stretch if they decided to par lay “Episode 3” into a larger-scale, “HL3.”  In either case, more Half-Life is definitely a good thing.