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Fable Heroes review for XBLA

Fable Heroes doesn’t quite do the franchise justice, featuring tepid beat ’em up mechanics with a kid-friendly art style that ends up being the best thing about the game. Read more in the full review behind the link!

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Start the adventure with Fable Heroes this week on XBLA, check out these new launch screens

Fable Heroes is headed to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday and Microsoft Studios sent over an attractive new set of screens showing off the co-op hack and slash spin-off in action.

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Fable gets a co-op hack-and-slash makeover in Fable Heroes for XBLA

As the other of the pair of new Fable titles revealed at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase 2012, Fable Heroes is more of an action oriented co-op XBLA title and somewhat of a fresh spin on the franchise. Check out the info and media.

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