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Capcom announces E3 line-up, Resident Evil 6 Demo Video

Capcom unveils E3 line-up, showcasing playable demo’s for most titles, including Resident Evil 6 and the new Devil May Cry. Also, check out the demo of gameplay from Resident Evil 6 that was showcased during Microsoft’s conference.

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DmC Devil May Cry sadly shifts to 2013

Capcom last night revealed a bit of news that will probably make gamers and fans of the Devil May Cry series a reason to cry… or maybe just sulk a bit. There’s some new screenshots at least!

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Devil May Cry HD Collection review for Xbox 360, PS3

Dante and crew return in an HD remaster of last-gen’s best action series. DMC 2 is still the odd man out here, but the other two titles certainly stand the test of time, and look amazing in HD. Read more in the full review behind the link!

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