Monster Hunter Now details its new season set to begin March 13th

As spring approaches the frost has thawed, a new season begins in Monster Hunter Now. Dubbed The Vernal Invader, this update will bring new monsters, mechanics. Starting on March 13th 8pm EST/5pm PST these changes will go live.

Charge Blades, the transforming weapon can be crafted and wielded in game. Gather energy by using the weapon in sword mode and then unleash the pent up energy in the Axe mode. You’ll certainly need this tool to take on some of the new monsters that will be appearing in the wild such as Odogaron, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and even one monster that hunts you! Thanks to a new feature dubbed “Invasions”, you think you might be getting the drop on one monster, but then the wily Deviljho will ambush you instead. So any specially prepared plans will get thrown out the window when this circumstance occurs.

Other enhancements for the season are the introduction of a Season Pass. The pass will come with a free and premium path…both will include a set missions players can complete to earn rewards and resources. For those who prefer a stylish hunter, you can now use the layered equipment feature to get the aesthetics of one set of equipment, while retaining the stats of another. For those hunters who want to have equipment for all types of situations, the game will increase the loadout count from five to ten!

As the season progresses there will be plenty of events that will increase monster spawn rates, quest lines and more. So get ready to get out there and enjoy the hunt as The Vernal Invader arrives March 13th!

Monster Hunter Now is available now for iOS and Android.