Sony reveals final name, additional details for their PS5 accessibility controller

In what appears to be marketing serendipity, Sony released new details regarding their accessibility controller on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Rechristened Access Controller, SVP of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino detailed in a blog post what’s in the box and a preview of the UI when using the controller on the PS5.

The Access Controller will be packed to the brim with swappable parts, items such as analog stick caps, 5 different types of button caps. Given the amount of loose bits that will be coming with the controller, one hopes that Sony will make getting replacement or additional parts easy. It is also shown that besides laying on a flat surface, there are screw holes that allow the controller to be locked in place using AMPS mounts or tripods.

PlayStation Access Controller product shots:

The UI to configure the usage of the controller on the PS5 looks clean and intuitive. You can adjust the orientation of the controller (this is to align the cardinal directions of the analog stick), assign button placements on the main portion of the device and even set button behavior from the standard press to toggle, allowing users who can’t press button down to play things like racing titles.

PlayStation Access Controller – PS5 UI:

The blog post closes out with an embedded video the strides Sony had made in regards with accessibility, beyond the pending release of the controller such as features already available on console itself and the steps 1st party studios have made to ensure more people can enjoy their titles. While I am an “able-bodied” player and hope I’ll never need to rely on these features, I’m grateful that Sony and their subsidiaries are mindful enough to offer and continue to build these features.

There’s still no release date for the Access Controller, but those who want to know when they can pre-order the device can sign up for alerts on the Access Controller webpage linked here.

PlayStation Accessibility | PS5:

PlayStation Accessibility | PS5

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