Razer Kitsune revealed on the eve of Street Fighter 6 launch

Razer cuts it close with their latest announcement. On the eve of Street Fighter 6’s launch, the accessories maker revealed a new arcade controller that is not only low profile but conforms to Capcom’s recent ruling regarding non-lever controllers.

Dubbed the Razer Kitsune, it is an all button arcade controller which replaces the joystick with four directional buttons. There is certainly an increasing amount of players taking to this control style and Razer feels their expertise in the keyboard field will allow them to release a product that will give players a competitive edge. Utilizing their low-profile linear optical switches, the distance the button will need to be depressed can be decreased allowing for lightning fast response times. While some might cry foul, Razer has worked with Capcom directly to ensure the controller’s performance is tournament legal and it not only meets, but exceeds the needs of professional players. The Kitsune’s features include the following:

  • Razer Low-Profile Linear Optical Switches for ultra-precise and instantaneous inputs
  • Slim Portable Form Factor for easy storage and setup
  • Cable Security Clasp and Tournament Lock Switch for uninterrupted gameplay (and tournament regulations)
  • Removable Aluminum Top Plate ultra premium look and feel, the same materials as our Razer Blade laptops, removable to customize its appearance to your preferences and style
  • Razer Chroma RGB for additional flair during gameplay

Razer Kitsune product shots:

The controller works on the PlayStation 5 console and PC and offers a detachable USB-C cable, so with its low profile due to the lack of a joystick means transporting it will be quite an easy task with conventional baggage.

Razer promises more news on the Kitsune in the near future, but with the flood of leverless controllers coming to the market, the Kitsune’s one to watch!