nDreams offers 3 new VR titles at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase definitely showed that Meta is serious about making VR a thing and nDreams brought three titles to the show which certainly piqued my interest. The first is a port of FuturLab’s cult hit PowerWash Simulator. Use your power washing equipment and blast all the dirt and grime of all the surfaces you encounter. The press release seems to indicate this version only includes the base title’s contents, so you won’t exactly be visiting Croft Manor, Midgar, Bikini Bottom or the Grimdark future of 40K universe…yet.

PowerWash Simulator VR Trailer:

PowerWash Simulator VR | Announcement Trailer | Meta Quest VR

The second title shown at the showcase was Little Cities developed by Purple Yonder. The game has been on the Meta platform for a year and the trailer showcases the numerous updates released during that time. It also revealed that Sandbox mode will be released this month, giving you the ability to terraform and customize the landmass you’ll be doing your urban planning on!

Little Cities Trailer:

Little Cities | 1 Year Celebration and Sandbox Update Teaser | Meta Quest VR

Don’t cross the streams with this last title as nDreams will let you fulfill your 80s childhood wish of being a Ghostbuster in Ghostbuster: The Rise of the Ghost Lord. Start up a branch in San Francisco as you uncover the machinations of a former colleague of the original ghostbusters and stop the rise of one ominous sounding being known as the Ghost lord!

Ghostbusters: The Rise of Ghost Lord Trailer:

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord | Story Trailer | Meta Quest VR

I’ve had a Quest 2 for a while and it unfortunately collected dust as it just wasn’t glasses friendly (I’m sure it’s friendly to some glasses…I just have a wide face, okay!). These titles certainly will motivate me to finally get some prescription lenses and spend some time with my headset.