Create your own diabolical levels in 30XX as the game finally releases on PC/Switch in Q3 2023

30XX was a tremendous step forward compared to its predecessors with its visual and mechanical enhancements. It’s a love letter to those players who grew up trying to thwart the maniacal Dr. Wily and his ever changing crew of robot masters. The game has been in Steam’s Early Access program since February 2021 and has been receiving constant updates including the Maker Update that dropped this week.

For those who refuse to be a “beta tester”, the game will exit Early Access in Q3 2023 and along with that momentous occasion it will also debut on the Nintendo Switch. So players won’t even need to tether themselves to their PCs to enjoy pulse-pounding action of this roguelike platformer. However crossing that milestone isn’t the end as developer Batterystaple Games promises a major announcement regarding the title in the near future!

30XX is available now as an Early Access title on PC and will come to the Switch sometime in Q3 2023.