Ninjala finally checks off the most important feature of a successful game…a fishing mini-game!

Trash might be the theme of Ninjala?s 12th season, but the biggest news is the gum-based melee multiplayer title is getting a fishing mini-game! Yes, there?s new clothes that look like you rolled out of the dumpster, but now you can cast your fishing rod at every body of water at the WNA Resort! The Shinobi Shop will gladly relieve you of your currency to help you equip the best fishing equipment and bait so that you can quickly fill up the entries in your Aquapedia. With 3 ways to fish, it?s own set of missions and rewards you might not even bother with the tournament itself!

However if you decide the life of a fisherman isn?t the life for you, and you fancy yourself a suitor to lady luck, why not equip the newly released ?Gambler Card? before you start a match! Everytime you respawn in a match with the card equipped, you?re guaranteed a new effect! Will you win big by being granted super armor or a full bar of Gum Ninjutsu, perhaps you?ll be saddled with debuffs with a bad draw?or maybe the most neutral result at all, absolutely nothing!

Season 12 of Ninjala is set to last from now to April 26th, will you drop your weapons and live your days as a humble fisherman or perhaps you?ll snatch up every piece of trash couture you can get your hands on. Either way Ninjala is currently free to play exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!