Pinball FX3 – Star Wars Pinball: Solo Pack review for Xbox One, PS4

Platform: PS4
Also On: Xbox One, PC, Switch, Mobile
Publisher: Zen Studios
Developer: Zen Studios
Medium: Digital
Players: Multi
Online: Yes
ESRB: E10+

This review is for three new Star Wars Pinball tables for Pinball FX3 with elements pulled from the expanded universe of Star Wars. The new tables bundled together as part of Zen Studios’ Star Wars Pinball: Solo Pack includes Star Wars Pinball: Solo, Calrissian Chronicles, and Battle of Mimban.

Let’s take a look.

Star Wars Pinball: Solo

Like The Last Jedi Table Pack, I had little knowledge going into these tables, for I haven’t seen the movie they are based on. However, that didn’t stop me from having some great fun with this table. Lots of great animations litter the playfield, and there is some fantastic and triumphant music that really keeps you hooked. I wanted to try and hit the ball everywhere just to trigger a new animation or event. There are so many things that can happen during play, that I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen a small sampling during my playtime. The playfield is fairly wide with not much to bounce your ball around, but there are times where you can lose a ball fast if you are not paying attention. Surprisingly, there is a disappointing lack of jets to hit but there are quite a few great bonuses that can net you a super high score! Very balanced and super fun to play!
Table Score: A-

Calrissian Chronicles

Take Everything from the Solo table and turn it up to Eleven. Out of the three in this back, this table was the most fun and engaging. The music, voice acting (which I believe is taken right from the movie) and high scoring jets make this a blast to play. It seems Lando has a cape for every occasion as he will constantly change outfits depending on which bonus or event you trigger. The challenge factor is higher than Solo, as the playfield is a little more close quarters, but that doesn’t stop this from being a good time. His quips while you play can be humorous at times as well. Lots of chances to score into the millions with your first ball, and activating multi-ball is super fun and crazy. Definitely the best offering in the Pack!
Table Score: A

Battle of Mimban

This table seems to dial things back a bit when compared to the others. It’s not to say that it’s bad by any means, but it surely feels slower and less engaging. There is some interesting animations and some fine music, but the color palet and cramped feeling of the playfield kind of make you want to switch back to the previous tables. I did like some of the bonuses triggered, but did have some trouble keeping the ball in play many times. Still, not a completely terrible offering, but when compared to Solo and Calrissian, this will most likely not be played as much. Still, a solid offering that can offer some challenge.
Table Score: B-

Overall, this is a solid addition to Pinball FX3. All three tables offer substantial challenge and each have their own charm. Calrissian Chronicles is, by far, the best offering with Solo following a close second. Battle of Mimban is good, but falls a little short behind. This pack will definitely please the hardcore Star Wars fan, as the source material is used extremely well. Pinball fanatics will also enjoy the challenge and gameplay offered with this entire pack. Star Wars fan or not, I highly recommend this pack, as it’s a great addition to the Pinball FX family!

Note: Zen Studios provided us with a Star Wars Pinball: Solo Pack PS4 code for review purposes.

Grade: A-