Get acquainted with the Monster Hunter: World weapons in a trio of trailers

The Monster Hunter series focuses on really 2 things: hunting monsters (duh) and cool weapons to hunt said monsters with.

The latest batch of media from Capcom covers the latter, and includes a trio of new weapon type trailers which are grouped into Heavy, Light and Technical weapons categories, for a total of 14 distinct types.

Check ’em out below.

Monster Hunter: World – Technical Weapons:

Monster Hunter: World - Technical Weapons

Monster Hunter: World – Light Weapons:

Monster Hunter: World - Light Weapons

Monster Hunter: World – Heavy Weapons:

Monster Hunter: World - Heavy Weapons

Monster Hunter: World features 14 distinct weapon types, available to every hunter.

The three videos demonstrate that there?s a vast range of unique weapons for players to choose from, whether they?re new to the hunt or already a seasoned veteran. Each weapon type has a different overall playstyle and characteristics which are showcased in the videos. Swords and blades can be useful in cutting damage and executing fast paced attacks, impact weapons like hammers can cause high damage and stun opponents while ranged weapons such as bowguns allow you to attack beasts from afar. If the hunt is too overwhelming, support style weapons can be very useful such as the hunting horn which plays melodies that provide buffs for the team.

Depending on the type of foe and quest goals, it may prove useful to change gear mid-quest back at base camp. Players are never locked into one weapon type so they should keep different options on hand. Which weapons will you wield for the hunt?