Demon’s Souls to celebrate the Holidays with a Pure White World Tendency event

So Atlus today announced that they will be shifting the game’s tendency to pure white for the Holidays. What that means is that the game becomes a bit easier and players can make more progress than usual. SO if you were having issues with the difficulty, and need an excuse to revisit Boletaria, now’s your chance.

The pure white event will last from now through January 2nd, 2012. Demon’s Souls is only $14.99 brand new right now, so it’s definitely worth still checking out.  Purchase it from our Amazon link below.

More information about the Demon’s Souls Pure White World Tendency event:

ATLUS today announced plans to celebrate the holiday season with a Pure White World Tendency event for the award-winning hardcore multiplayer action RPG Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.

Starting today until January 2, 2012, the world of Boletaria will shift to Pure White World Tendency, easing the game’s difficulty and unlocking otherwise inaccessible areas and items. Following the recent news that ATLUS would extend the Demon’s Souls’ online servers–responsible for the award-winning cooperative and competitive multiplayer roleplaying that has cemented the title’s place among gaming’s most celebrated classics–this holiday tendency event further demonstrates the publishers ongoing commitment to the game and its loyal community.

Demon’s Souls is out now for PlayStation 3 system for the bargain MSRP of $19.99. For more information, visit the game’s official website at