ARK: Survival Evolved celebrates its 8th anniversary with new creatures and news

As we continue to await the much anticipated (and unfortunately delayed) release of ARK 2, ARK: Survival Evolved is about to celebrate its big 8th anniversary this week. To celebrate the milestone, Studio Wildcard has unleashed a new, apparently final creature for the original Island/Lost Island: the Rhyniognatha (seen below), and provided a peek at Fasolasuchus set for ARK: Survival Ascended via Scorched Earth.

Even though ARK 2 is still set for a late 2024 release ARK players can still look forward to the release of the remastered ARK: Survival Ascended for new generation consoles/PC this fall, along with the animated series.

See the new creatures and game detail updates below.

ARK: Survival Evolved/ARK: Survival Ascended art:

This week marks the eighth anniversary of the ARK: Survival Evolved launch into Steam early access – with a passionate, creative community that quickly formed around the gigantic, dinosaur infested island. To celebrate, the talented art team at Studio Wildcard designed key art which encompasses the majority of ARK creatures – big and small, on land and by sea – that roam this vast world. The ARK universe continues to expand, with not only ARK: Survival Ascended this fall, but also ARK: The Animated Series, and ARK 2 on the horizon.

Last Friday the final creature, the Rhyniognatha, landed on The Island and Lost Island, while the first community voted creature was revealed for ARK: Survival Ascended. Full details can be found in this week’s Community Crunch.

Although last it’s certainly not the least, as the Rhyniognatha is a super-sized creature with a set of unique abilities. From producing quick-hardening resin to being capable of carrying large objects around bases, these versatile creatures provide an unparalleled enhancement to any tribe’s defenses.

Also, Studio Wildcard revealed that the Fasolasuchus will be added as a new creature to Scorched Earth for ARK: Survival Ascended. The powerful and aggressive Fasolasuchus is the first of many new creature additions coming your way for ARK: Survival Ascended.