Team Samurai looks to cut through the competition in King of Fighters XV on October 4th

Who brings a sword to a fistfight? Apparently a fighting savant. Continuity and consistency be damned as a trio of warriors from the Edo period join the King of Fighters tournament. Samurai Shodown mainstays Haohmaru and Nakoruru are joined by series newcomer Darli Dagger as they transcend time and rules to take on the Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakasaki and a plethora or SNK All Stars in team based combat.

Team Samurai can be purchased individually or as part of Team Pass 2. They join Team South Town, Team Garou and Team Awakened Orochi to help balloon King of Fighters XV?s roster to a whooping 54 fighters?and SNK promises even more fighters! The October 4th update will also include additional music added to the DJ Station which will include tracks from 2004?s KoF Maximum Impact.

King of Fighters XV is currently available on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms physically as well as digitally.

King of Fighters XV – Team Samuari DLC screens:



DLC TEAM SAMURAI slices into THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV on October 4th!
HAOHMARU, NAKORURU, and DARLI DAGGER from the hit fighter SAMURAI SHODOWN Heavy Slash their way into KOF XV!