A Metroidvania without a doublejump?! Let’s see the Knight Witch pull this off Nov. 29th

Literally stack the deck against your enemies as you equip cards to customize your magical loadout as you defend the denizens of Dungeonidas against the hoard of War Golems looking to besiege the peaceful underground city.

The Knight Witch from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (You can tell they?re not lacking confidence, but if you look at the team?s resume, the confidence might be warranted!), you control a Knight Witch named Rayne in this title that mixes Bullet Hell and Metroidvania. Your magical arsenal is dependent on the cards you?ve equipped and with over 40 unique cards the possibilities are plentiful. If the words Bullet Hell give you crippling anxiety, the team has implemented accessibility features such as auto-aim and straight up invincibility, so you can enjoy Rayne?s story at the pace you?re comfortable with.

The game has a limited time demo which seems to run in conjunction with Steam?s Next Fest, but if the demo leaves an impression you won?t have to wait long. The Witch Knight will launch on November 29th on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

The Knight Witch | Date Reveal Trailer:

The Knight Witch | Date Reveal Trailer

Team17 presents… The Knight Witch! Launching on 29th November on PC & Console 🎮

Takes to the skies! Combine fast-paced shoot ?em up combat, Metroidvania traversal and exploration, as well as magic deck-building. Explore the Lost City of Dungeonidas, increase your trust with the locals and push back against a mysterious threat and their unrelenting army of war golems!