Get in the loop with the goings-on of Dragon City when Loopmancer comes out July 13th

We recently had an opportunity to give eBrain Studio?s Loopermancer for a test drive and was blown away by the fleshed out cyberpunk world and addicting combat. The title managed to push my aging computer to it?s limits and actually forced my hand to start getting a computer from this decade. The tale follows detective Xiang Zixu, who during the investigation of a string of journalists disappearing, finds himself at the business end of a bullet. Rather than taking a dirt nap, he finds himself waking up several days prior while retaining all the information prior to his death. How is he able to cheat death and will he be able to use the info he?s accrued to change his possible future and solve the case that lead to his death?

Loopmancer will be participating in Steam?s Next Fest, so players can get in on the ground floor of the title by downloading the demo. The demo promises improvements on performance as well as gameplay tweaks, so I?ll definitely look forward to giving this new demo a look. For those who don?t need any more convincing, they can get their hands on the title when it comes out July 13th on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

LOOPMANCER Release Date Reveal Trailer:

LOOPMANCER Release Date Reveal Trailer


A new free demo is available today as part of the Steam Next Fest celebration.