Devolver Digital 2022 Showcase recap

Don?t get me wrong, I like Devolver a lot, the company has done many things which garnered a chuckle or two from me in the past, such as when they ran a parallel unsanctioned event in a parking lot across the L.A. Convention Center while E3 was happening, or when they released their showcase as game on Steam that you can play for free. So as many viewer look forward to the latest adventure of pseudo Devolver employee Nina Struthers and her merry band of colleagues, I just hope they tone down the excessive jargon vomit and edge cursing and show me some damn good video games. They didn?t succeed on the first part, but man did they nail that latter part. I?ll tone down the comedy nitpicking and let?s highlight the games showcased at Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing hosted by Mecha Suda51.

The first time they mashed the trailer button we are treated to a new trailer to Massive Monster?s Cult of the Lamb, The dark but deceptive cutesy cult building sim will be right up the alley for those who enjoyed games like the Binding of Isaac or Don?t Starve. Your patience is a virtue as we finally received the date of the title?s arrival and it is August 11th. To tide yourself ’til that day of reckoning, you can check out the demo which is available on Steam.

Free Lives, the devs who gave us Bro Force is back with a game that feels like Bulletstorm if it had the color palette of Hotline Miami. Anger Foot has you running around in?I kid you not, Shit City as you find yourself putting your boots and bullets into anyone or anything that stands in your way. This one?s schedule for a 2023 release and man I can?t wait to lace up and step in it!

The showcase takes a slightly more cultured turn as Card Shark, has you playing cards and cheating the rich in this high stakes adventure taking place in 18th century France. No need to set your calendar or anything, the game is currently out now.

The storybook aesthetic had me hooked instantly, but the reveal trailer for The Plucky Squire, threw a 3D twist that left my jaw on the floor. I would have happily settled with a story book adventure but sprinkling in elements from other games such as punch out, shoot?em ups. I?m very curious how developer All Possible Futures pulls this off. They?ll have plenty of time to flesh it out as this one isn?t due until 2023.

I had to splash some water in my face to double check I didn?t dose myself with anything as the final title of this showcase is trippy as hell. Skate Story, a game from by Sam Eng (yes?their studio name is ?by Sam Eng?) looks like a psychedelic skate video with an eerie by soothing soundtrack by Blood Cultures. The described story is just as bonkers and I quote ?You are a demon in the Underworld, made out of glass and pain. The Devil has given you a skateboard with a simple deal: Skate to the Moon and swallow it ? and you shall be freed.? I?m a teetotaler by nature, but if you offered me whatever that inspired this?I would gladly imbibe it, consequences be damned! I also want to say I might?ve seen the title before at a PAX, but that could be a totally different skating game. 2023 will be a long wait to do some kickflips and swallow the moon.

I might?ve checked out at the ?comedic wrapper? of this presentation, but damn did they bring it on the games front. Devolver somehow manages to be one of the premiere curators of indie titles and if they keep this up I will gladly sit through any amount of their high school talent shows just to find out what games they?ll publish. If there?s a ?winner? of Summer Game Fest, they?ve taken a commanding early lead.

Devolver Digital 2022 Showcase #SummerGameFest:

Devolver Digital 2022 Showcase #SummerGameFest

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