Back 4 Blood launch trailer is live

Hold onto your butts, the release of Back 4 Blood is finally happening quite soon so WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios dropped off the official launch trailer as you can see below.

The new video shows off footage of The Cleaners taking out the Ridden across multiple modes and environments and more, including another look at the competitive PvP.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for the October 12th, 2021 launch for consoles and the PC.

Back 4 Blood – Launch Trailer:

Back 4 Blood - Launch Trailer

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios today released the official Back 4 Blood Launch Trailer celebrating the upcoming release of the dynamic first-person co-op shooter. The new video follows the spirited zombie slaying crew of Cleaners as they fight back against the infected, unrelenting horde known as the Ridden, in an effort to reclaim the world for mankind. In addition to the high intensity cooperative campaign, the trailer also shows off the head-to-head, competitive PvP (player vs. player) Swarm mode, which allows teams to swap between playing as the Cleaners or the Ridden.

Players can jump into the action when Back 4 Blood launches on October 12. Additionally, pre-orders for the Back 4 Blood Deluxe Edition (digital only) and Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition will be granted four days Early Access to the game.