First Person Shooter documentary coming to Kickstarter 6/29

Whether you?ve faced down Mecha-Hitler, played numerous Slappers-only matches or scored way too many headshots with the M6D on Blood Gulch, chances are you?ve played a first person shooter. With a history spanning over 30 years, surely there are many fascinating stories tied to this genre that is most associated with violence. The team behind the documentary In Search of Darkness which explored ’80s horror films is now looking to fund a documentary looking at the decade which saw the rise in popularity of the first person shooter. CreatorVC is looking to launch their campaign via Kickstarter on June 29th 2021.

If any of their previous campaigns are any indicator, pledgers will be able to select from a series of tiers which will include a shout out in the credits, digital/physical copies of the completed film, the obligatory T-shirt and for those with deep pockets a chance to attend the film?s premiere. Those who want a reminder of the launch of the crowdfunding campaign can sign up for a reminder on the film?s official website. Signing up will also give users access to the film?s discord where you can possibly chat with like minded people regarding their favorite FPS memories.

Retro FPS Teaser Trailer FINAL:

Retro FPS Teaser Trailer FINAL

FPS: First Person Shooter – The Definitive Retrospective Documentary on the FPS gaming genre launches on Kickstarter – 06/29/21