Bandai Namco announces Project CARS 3

You can never have enough high quality racing games so we’re definitely glad that Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios have officially announced Project CARS 3.

Of course we would have been a bit more excited if they confirmed next-generation console versions as well, but PS4, Xbox One and PC is still adequate for now.

Scheduled to hit the track Summer 2020, which is obviously very soon, the game will feature new modes such as an all-new Career Mode, 140 courses, 200+ vehicles, more personalization options/customizations, a new scalable set of assists to make the game even more accessible and more.

See all the details below.

Project CARS 3 screens:

Project CARS 3 announcement trailer:

Leading video game publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. and developers Slightly Mad Studios, today announced Project CARS 3, the next installment in the Project CARS racing franchise. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM in summer 2020.

Your Ultimate Driver Journey from weekend warrior to racing legend with Project CARS 3 comes packed with over 200 elite-brand road and race-cars, and over 140 global circuits complete with 24-hour cycles and evocative all-4-season, all-weather racing.

Along with all the thrills, emotions, and fun from the vibrant world of motor racing that has always been a mainstay of the Project CARS franchise, Project CARS 3 brings a host of exciting new features to increase both the fun factor and accessibility.

New to the best-seller franchise is an engaging and challenging Career Mode that will see drivers own their stable of exclusive machinery for the first time. Drivers will need to race hard to upgrade their cars with authentic performance parts that realistically affect handling and power as they battle their way up to the top of the racing world.

Also new to the franchise is a wide range of customization options for cars, including wheels, tires, rims, and more, as well as personalization options that will let players create their racing hero persona.

The seasoned racing game developers at Slightly Mad Studios have worked tirelessly to make Project CARS 3 the most accessible entry in the franchise?s history catering to all drivers no matter their skill level. A completely redeveloped controller experience, fully scalable assists, a revamped model for even more convincing and fun handling, and a whole new, fun First Time User Experience will allow everyone?from franchise veterans to sim-racing pros to rookie drivers?to fully experience the authenticity of pure racing.

Along with a new emphasis on the visceral sense of speed coupled with intense crash effects, authentic car-contact and enhanced AI, Project CARS 3 is all set to continue the franchise?s authentic journey into the pounding heart of motor racing fun for everyone.

?It?s been quite a journey watching the Project CARS franchise go from strength to strength these last five years, and we?re delighted to finally lift the wrap on Project CARS 3,? said Ian Bell, founder and CEO, Slightly Mad Studios. ?While realism and authenticity continue to be at the core of the franchise, we?ve added a host of new options to ensure that Project CARS 3 is also the most accessible game in the franchise?s history. We really couldn?t be more excited to show off our new Project CARS game to both fans of the franchise and those who are ready to experience racing at its very best.?

The Project CARS franchise debuted in 2015 to critical praise and quickly went on to sell over 2 million units in its first year. The follow-up, 2017?s Project CARS 2, won the gamescom award for the Best Simulation Game. Now, with this third installment, the team at Slightly Mad Studios continues in the tradition of delivering an authentic racing experience that allows players to create and live out their own ultimate driver journey.