Murtop arrives on PC, Nintendo Switch courtesy of Flynn’s Arcade

As someone who enjoyed this retro inspired publisher’s last release Donut Dodo, I’m looking at the publisher’s latest release and thinking…I’d play that! For those fast approaching an age where you’re eligible for a social security check, Murtop evokes the feel of Namco’s classic Dig Dug. Single screen gameplay, collect-a-thon as space moles are on your tail. You can defeat moles by dropping rocks on them or with Murti the rabbit’s explosive poop…no I’m not kidding, this rabbit defecates bombs! The game even offers a very arcade-ish 256 stages and even a kill screen!

The game is now available on the Nintendo Switch and the PC via Steam.

Trailer Murtop 720 Europe trailer:

Trailer Murtop 720 Europe

Murtop screens: