Street Fighter II?: Special Champion Edition, Kid Chameleon, more added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack library

That Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription is slowly paying off as Nintendo and partners continue to add more retro titles to the service. The next set of classic games to check out? Street Fighter II?: Special Champion Edition, Pulseman, Kid Chameleon and Flicky, all originally for the Sega Genesis.

Check out some screens and details for the newly added Genesis titles and the service in general.

SEGA Genesis ? Nintendo Switch Online screens:

Ready for the next challenge? Then ? fight! Today, four more action-packed, hero-filled games have joined the SEGA Genesis ? Nintendo Switch Online library: STREET FIGHTER II? : SPECIAL CHAMPION EDITION, Pulseman, Kid Chameleon and Flicky. You can play them all right now on the Nintendo Switch system with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

  • STREET FIGHTER II? : SPECIAL CHAMPION EDITION improved on the original Street Fighter II when it entered the SEGA Genesis arena in 1993. This version adds even more options to keep the competition fierce, including mirror matches, new moves, the option to play in either Champion or Hyper modes, 11 speed settings, a Group Battle mode and it incorporates M. Bison, Balrog, Vega and Sagat as selectable fighters. Sonic boom!
  • Pulseman is set in the far future of 2015, where the ambitious, genius scientist Doc Waruyama schemes to conquer the galaxy. But an electrifyingly heroic boy named Pulseman is here to stop him! Pulseman?s adventures take him inside computer networks and to cities all over the globe in this vibrant side-scroller developed by Game Freak.
  • Kid Chameleon is a side-scrolling action game that features a hero with nine faces set in the world of holograms. Use the special powers of his nine different helmets to beat over 100 levels!
  • Flicky is an arcade game starring the adorable blue bird who later went on to become a reoccurring character within the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Little chirps are sunbathing on the terrace when Flicky arrives to pick them up for snack time. But … oh, no! It?s that mean old cat Tiger! Jump to get away, then smack him with a hammer or a mug so Flicky can get those chirps home safe.

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The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership plan features all the same great benefits of a Nintendo Switch Online membership, but with access to a library of classic Nintendo 64, SEGA Genesis and Game Boy Advance games with online play. A paid Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership also grants access to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons ? Happy Home Paradise, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ? Booster Course Pass and Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC* at no extra cost.

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