Humble Bundle releases their 2021 social impact report

Humble Bundle has been selling games with a portion of the proceeds going to charities since 2010. The company?s overall impact is totaled at $200 million dollars donated as of 2022. Today the company released its 2021 Social Impact Report which revealed its philanthropic activities for the previous year. It?s really interesting to see the wide breadth of organizations that the company has made contributions to.

As someone who has definitely padded their Steam library due to this company, it?s good to know some of my money went to a good cause and I look forward to seeing who will be helped in the coming year. For a snapshot of Humble?s accomplishments here are some bullet points culled from the report.

Humble raised $13.5M in donations for more than 15,000 charities.

Crisis & disaster relief

  • Humble Heal: COVID-19 bundle raised $1.1 million for India and Brazil (Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, Doctors Without Borders, GiveIndia)
  • 400 oxygen concentrators for municipalities hit hard by COVID-19 in Brazil (DirectRelief)
  • 50,000+ doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for rural, underserved areas (International Medical Corps)
  • 40 families fed for a month in Haiti after the earthquake (Save the Children)

Health & wellbeing

  • $2 million for charties focused on mental health, suicide prevention, and disease
  • Over 1.8 million meals for those in need (Covenant House, Give India, Save the Children, No Kid Hungry, Action Against Hunger, World Central Kitchen)
  • 2,000+ hours of breast cancer research funded (BCRF)
  • Clean, safe drinking water brought to 25,000+ people (charity:water, WaterAid)

Quality education

  • 11,730 girls given the opportunity to participate in clubs program free for 1 year (Girls Who Code)
  • Hands-on computer science training for 16,711 students (
  • Helped provide access to free readers, books, and resources for 100,000 kids globally (Girls Who Code,, Room to Read, and more)

Equity & inclusion

  • 10 new development studios signed on to the Black Game Developer Fund
  • $640,000 raised to help stop hate against Asian American Pacific Islander communities (Stop AAPI Hate)
  • Provided funding for multiple events and educational resources for LGBTQ+ youth (It Gets Better Project)
  • Supported creation of the Youth Censorship Database to chronicle book bans in schools and libraries

Climate change & sustainability

  • Offset over 25 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions (
  • Supported Oceana?s effort to fight for legislation to preserve our oceans and protect our coasts
  • 48,195 trees planted in areas affected by fires and floods with (One Tree Planted)