Square Enix unleashes over 5000 tracks on their official music channel on YouTube

Japanese video game music distribution in the West has always been a weird spot. Gamers abroad enjoyed the ability to purchase soundtracks, the west  rarely was offered such an opportunity, often stuck paying through the nose via importers or at worst resorting to piracy. While other publishers have lashed out at pirates, Square Enix opted to be oddly generous with the treasure trove of music that have graced their games. As of today the Square Enix Music YouTube channel has added 5457 (Yes, they explicitly listed that exact number) tracks of music.

FINAL FANTASY VII Original Soundtrack:


The tracks are primarily from their RPG titles (Sorry fans of the music of Rad Racer, and The Bouncer, you?re still SoL, also zero Kingdom Hearts representation, I guess blame Disney?), they include the soundtracks from the classics such as Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, modern favorites such as NieR:Automata, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and even their mobile offerings such as SINoALICE, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Tracks are organized by playlists and my only nitpick from my brief interactions are that track titles are only in their native Japanese which will make for a tougher time finding your favorites, but hey this is better than not having this music right? Here?s hoping additional language support will be added to the track details, however for now I?ve got a ton of music I need to add to my watchlist.