Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020 wrap-up

In a drop that came with little warning Nintendo has graced us on this cold winter day with a preview of their amusement park in the faraway land of Osaka Japan (well it?s not that far if you actually live in Japan, it?s just a phrase, kid!). The last time I covered this theme park I ended up injuring my ribs and they didn?t heal for at least 2 weeks, hopefully this short video will not take its toll on my increasingly fragile body. I?m sure the wonders we will witness in this tightly edited video featuring Mario?s dad (yes, he is canonically recognized as such), Shigeru Miyamoto.

Popping out of a warp pipe with his seemingly perpetual smile, Miyamoto greets the viewer and announces today?s direct won?t feature any video games and instead hails from Super Nintendo World which resides in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan. Prospective park goers will enter via a giant warp pipe and exit into a grand hall reminiscent of Peach?s Castle. Portraits similar to those seen in Mario 64 hang on the walls and music from that revolutionary title can be heard piping through the speakers. After exiting the castle we are treated to a shot of the park where we see coins spinning constantly, Koopa pacing back and forth as well as many recognizable characters. It?s literally as if the mushroom kingdom has been transported into our world.

Mario?s dad is next seen standing next to a question block where he shows off the Power-Up Band, a bracelet which will be your vector to enjoying the attractions at the park. The band can also be linked to an app so you can track your activity at the park. The band is also available in 6 different designs in case you do not want to rep the red and blue plumber. The park will feature activities and secrets which when completed will allow you to take on a special challenge against the mischievous Bowser Jr.

After leading the viewer through a Super Mario Bros style underground level, the scene cuts to the 1-Up Factory. It is the official souvenir store of the park, which is posited as a factory where exclusive Super Mario Merchandise is made and sold. In fact one such piece of merchandise is Tokotoko Mario, a ?walking? Mario toy created by the Nintendo Development Team. Pushing a red shell will cause Mario to walk. It?s a neat little toy which harkens back to the earlier days of Nintendo when they made such physical toys such as Rabbit Coaster and Ultra Hand.

Popcorn is the next park feature to be highlighted, sold in a holder which is shaped like an invincibility star and is available Caramel Peach and Mushroom flavor. For those looking for a more proper dining experience, Kinopio?s Cafe is your spot. Featuring video walls where you can watch and interact with the Toads working at this cafe. Dishes available for consumption include the Mario Burger, Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl and other dishes which include mushrooms. Hopefully there are items for those who aren?t fond of the fungus.

Before we are shown an actual attraction, Miyamoto confirms that the park will open to the public on February 4th 2021 and other branches of the park will eventually open in Hollywood, California, Orlando, Florida and Singapore, all of these locations feature a Universal Studios Theme Park. With those details confirmed we are brought to Bowser?s castle which houses a Mario Kart attraction where you join Team Mario to take on a track designed by Bowser. It seems in addition to sitting in a kart, riders will also put on a hat with a visor which adds an AR element to the ride. Sadly we didn?t get a walkthrough of the ride, but you probably want to experience it in person rather than to watch it through a video. Miyamoto then thanks the viewer and bids us all farewell.

The park looks like it will be a fun place to spend the day, it is unlikely that many North Americans will experience the park on day one, it will be interesting to see the Japanese public?s response to the park. Hopefully we will get more concrete details on the international branches of Super Nintendo World. What are you looking forward to when you get a chance to visit this amusement park?

Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020:

Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020

Tune in on 12/18, 3 p.m. PT for a special SUPER NINTENDO WORLD Direct livestream! We’ll spend roughly 15 minutes showing just some of Universal Studios Japan’s new area, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. No game content will be featured.