Destiny gets a Valentine’s Day-themed Crimson Days event next month

Destiny Crimson DaysBungie has emerged from their winter vacation to provide details on what we can expect from Destiny in the near future. If you were hoping for a special event, or some more Iron Banana (err.. banner), then you’re in luck!

The studio revealed Crismon Days, a Valentine’s Day-themed even that will hit the Tower for a week beginning on February 9th. The new event will be of a scope similar to Festival of the Lost, complete with a redecorated Tower social space, and some new quests and tasks, apparently geared towards coupling up with other Guardians. Crimson Days will be tied to an upcoming February game update, which will have a number of fixes, tweaks and whatnot.

Also in the works is another competitive Iron Banner event with some sweet new gear and weapons. For the first time ever, the PvP contest will take place in the high-energy, relic-slamming Rift mode. Iron Banner begins on Tuesday, January 26th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.

Hop on over to the official Bungie news site for more details.