Destiny: The Taken King’s “King’s Fall” raid goes live September 18th

King Falls logoBeyond all the Destiny 2.0 update goodness on 9/8 and the plethora of new content in The Taken King expansion on 9/15, the question that many hardcore Guardians have been demanding an answer for has been: “When the hell do we get the new raid?”.  Well at the very end of today’s Twitch livestream for Destiny: The Taken King, Bungie finally fessed up and revealed… something.

Destiny: The Taken King’s “King’s Fall” raid goes live on 9/18 at 10am PDT, a mere 3 days after the launch of The Taken King itself.   Believe us when we say that the new campaign, character classes, quests, new/upgraded systems, PvP and PvE activities, and new loot and gear will keep players more than busy until then. (Seriously)

Stay tuned for more announcements leading up to Destiny 2.0 update and The Taken King’s launch.