Tales from the Borderlands “Escape Plan Bravo” review for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Platform: PC
Also On: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360
Publisher: Telltale Games / 2K
Developer: Telltale Games
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

?Escape Plan Bravo? marks the fourth entry in Telltale?s Tales from the Borderlands series. Rhys and company are tasked with what essentially ends up being a heist, putting them deep into Hyperion territory. Of course, getting off of Pandora isn?t exactly the easiest thing in the world, not when new villain Mallory and her cronies are watching every move made by Rhys, Fiona, and Sasha. This episode is sort of split between two different locales, ending in what could be a pretty significant event for the Borderlands universe as a whole.

tales borderlands ep 4 005While there?s still other unresolved issues to iron out, like Athena?s capture from last episode, and where exactly Vaughn ran off to, I still think this episode does a pretty solid job of kicking things into high gear for the tail end of this series. The final moment of this episode, not to be spoiled here, will definitely be the highlight for most. But there?s plenty of other standout moments, including one remarkably touching sacrifice that does a great job of mixing humor and sorrow in a way that feels meaningful for fans of Borderlands in general.

There?s also a much needed confirmation on where one character?s allegiance stands, which pays off in a pretty satisfying response from Rhys regardless of the options presented. And getting to see the inner workings of Hyperion to some degree is great, as well as a weird and over-the-top ?shoot out? that?s elaborately staged while still fitting the general humor of Borderlands quite well.

tales borderlands ep 4 004So ?Escape Plan Bravo? feels like another solid entry in the series, with a few big moments connected together by a great script, snappy dialogue, and the same wit and humor that?s been on display since the beginning. I?m very curious to see where the next episode takes things after the ending of this episode, and I imagine you will be too. So if you?ve played through the series up to this point, don?t stop now, I have a feeling we?re in for one hell of an ending here.

Grade: A