Xbox Games Store Update – Ultratron, Slice Zombies for Kinect

xbox_logoA classic-style arcade shooter and a motion controlled zombie slicing action title fills the digital Xbox One library void this week.

The best part of the releases this week?  They’re cheap! Only $9.99 a piece.

Check out the details and links below.

Ultratron [Xbox One: $9.99]
Ultratron is a twin-stick arena shooter inspired by some of the best classic arcade gaming has to offer, updated and improved for the 21st century. The last human in the universe has been slain by evil killer robots. As the last remaining humanoid battle droid, you?ll be fighting through over 40 arcade levels to finally take on the four giant boss ?bots of the apocalypse.

Xbox Live Gold members get a 15% discount ? offer valid until 22 May.

Slice Zombies for Kinect [Xbox One: $9.99]
Slice Zombies for Kinect is the ultimate Kinect experience for your Xbox One. Well, so the zombie apocalypse is long over and there are still thousands of zombies left. So what do we do with them now? It’s easy! Step in front of your Kinect and use your hands to cut, grab and shoot zombies into little pieces. Unlock funny zombie types like exploding zombies or time travelling zombies or Evil Zevel, a zombie equipped with a rocket pack flying across your TV. Slice coins to unlock new items, backgrounds and walking hands that come with powerful special abilities. – Cut and shoot zombie ragdolls into little pieces – Grab zombies with one hand and slice them with the other – Game progression with 21 levels and a built-in shop give you tons of replay value – Unlock all cool items like new ribbons, backgrounds and zombies – Awesome zombies like the time travelling zombie, Evil Zevel or the zombie bunny.