Nash joins the Street Fighter V roster, check out the new media, online beta details

Street Fighter V_2Charlie Nash, first referenced in Street Fighter II and introduced as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha, is officially making his return to the Street Fighter universe in Street Fighter V.

Capcom today dropped off new SFV screens and a gameplay trailer highlighting Nash’s new look and moves. Needless to say, he’s probably not the same guy who used to be Guile’s best bud and U.S. Air Force comrade.

Capcom also let the wraps off (via Capcom-Unity) of plans for an online Street Fighter V beta program for the PS4 and PC. Basically, if you pre-order the game, you’ll have access.

Check out the details and media below. Oh, and if you stick around for the very end of the trailer, you’re likely to see teaser of yet another returning fighter.

Also announced today, we will be performing the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history with Street Fighter V on PS4 and PC! These tests will be essential to collect your feedback and to ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet. In North America, players who pre-order the game will automatically be enrolled into the beta program.

More details, including timing on the beta program will be revealed in the future so stay tuned for updates.

Street Fighter V Nash Gameplay Trailer:
[youtube_sc url=”1JT-IvFkUhA”]

Street Fighter V screens:

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