Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PS Vita Bundle now available

PS-Vita-SlimIf you’re looking for another PS Vita or just want to pick up what may be the best SKU available, the PS Vita Borderlands 2 bundle is now available.

The new model, which is only available as part of this “Limited Edition” bundle at the moment, is a bit less bulky, lighter, has improved battery life and a standard micro-USB port for charging/data transfer, improved start/select button positioning and shape, and an improved matte texture and shape. Some may complain about the loss of the OLED screen, though the LED replacement apparently does a nice job.

Amazon and other retailers should have their Borderlands 2 Limited Edition PS Vita Bundles in stock today for $199.99, but your mileage may vary.


We’re working through Borderlands 2 right now, so stay tuned for our review.