Spike TV VGX nominations announced


Following up on the announcement of “VGX”, Spike TV’s newly re-branded Video Game Awards event, comes the list of nominees for this year.

With BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, Super Mario 3D World, The Last of Us and Tomb Raider vying for Game of the Year, it should be a pretty exciting show.  Check out the full list and place your votes at the official site:  VGXLIVE.COM.

VGX will steam live on Spike TV and across gaming devices and various video sites on Saturday, December 7th at 6:00 PM ET.

The slate of nominees for VGX, the new live digital multi-platform gaming event, was announced today.  Close to 50 video game franchises from more than 20 publishers were nominated.  At the head of the franchise pack is “Grand Theft Auto V” (Rockstar Games), which nabbed nine nominations including Game of the Year, Best Action Adventure Game and Best Soundtrack.  “BioShock Infinite” (2K Games) scored eight nominations, while “The Last of Us” (Sony Computer Entertainment) pulled in seven nods.  All titles join “Tomb Raider” (Square Enix) and “Super Mario 3D World” (Nintendo) to round out the nominee list for Game of the Year.

With a total of 11 nominations for four different games, Sony Computer Entertainment is up for more awards than any publisher with the “The Last of Us” bringing in seven nominations of its own including Game of the Year, Best Action Adventure Game, Best PlayStation Game and four other categories.  Next up are Nintendo and 2K Games, tied for a total of 10 nominations each.  Nintendo’s “Super Mario 3D World” (Game of the Year; Best Nintendo Game) and “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” (Best Handheld Game; Best Casual Game) titles both scored multiple nominations.  2K Games nominated titles include “BioShock Infinite” (Game of the Year; Best Shooter; and six other nominations) and NBA 2K14 (Best Sports Game.)  Studio of the Year nominees include Rockstar North (“Grand Theft Auto V”), The Fullbright Company (“Gone Home”), Irrational Games (“BioShock Infinite”), and Naughty Dog (“The Last of Us.”)

While its roots lie in the Video Game Awards, VGX will abandon the traditional Hollywood style award show to feature more world premiere game trailers than ever before, plus extended deep dives into the next generation of games, new looks at gaming culture, one-on-one interviews with the industry’s most visionary creatives and expert panels digging into what’s coming to consoles in 2014 and beyond.  The new format features more games, less fame, in an intimate studio setting.

VGX Nominees are determined by the VGX Advisory Council, which is made up of a group of some of the most well-respected video game journalists from media outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer, Joystiq, Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, GameTrailers, Gamespot, Wired.com, USA Today and Associated Press.

Below are several of the nominees and categories for VGX. For a full list, please go to VGXLIVE.COM.

Game of the Year

  • “BioShock Infinite”
  • “Grand Theft Auto V”
  • “Super Mario 3D World”
  • “The Last of Us”
  • “Tomb Raider”


Studio of the Year

  • Irrational Games
  • Naughty Dog
  • Rockstar North
  • The Fullbright Company


Most Anticipated Game

  • “Destiny”
  • “Titanfall”
  • “South Park: The Stick of Truth”
  • “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”
  • “Watch Dogs”


Best Shooter

  • “Battlefield 4”
  • “BioShock Infinite”
  • “Call of Duty: Ghosts”
  • “Metro: Last Light”


Best Independent Game

  • “Gone Home”
  • “Kentucky Route Zero”
  • “Papers, Please”
  • “The Stanley Parable”

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