PlayStation Store finally hits the web

It’s about damn time. Sony today has launched a web-based interface for the PlayStation Store (Sony Entertainment Network Store) in which PlayStation owners can browse for and purchase content for their various PlayStation devices. It is for Europe only at the moment, but we’re assuming a North American launch is right around the corner.

Take a look at it right here:

Taking design cues from the recently relaunched PS Store on the PS3, the web store allows users to purchase games, add-ons, queue up demos, and perform basically any other function that the storefronts on the PS3 and PS Vita can do. After making a purchase, users need to go onto their device’s download the list to initiate the actual download however. It’s a good start though.

There is no word on when the North American store will go live, but considering how slow the EU version is at the moment, we’re assuming they’ll space them out a bit.