Wii U launching in Japan on December 8th in basic and premium varieties

In case you didn’t wake up super early to catch the details, Nintendo of Japan has revealed their pricing and release date for the Wii U.

The the region, the Wii U will be available beginning on December 8th and come in a couple of different varieties, including a premium 32GB SKU in black for ?31,500 (~$405) and a basic 8GB SKU in white for ?26,250 (~$338). They will also offer the GamePad separately for ?13,440, which is around $173.

The black 32GB premium Wii U will also feature a console and GamePad stand, charging dock and a Nintendo Network Premium service subscription which provides gamers with a discount on digital purchases and eShop points.

Will North America see similar bundles? We’re guessing that it’s definitely a possibility which obviously throws off the “What will the Wii U cost” question a bit.

Stay tuned for the big announcements at around 10am ET.