“That?s not Christmas talk? – Santa Claus ends bickering; reminds investors to be grateful that Stacking is headed to Steam.

‘Twas the night before press release, when all through announcements
Not a creature was stirring, not even a… uh, rumor;
The bullet points were hung by the highlights with care,
In hopes that a “top story” soon would be there;

The gamers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of X-Play danced in their heads;
Steve Dengler in his ‘kerchief, and Lee in his cap,
Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap,
When out on my iPhone there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to read what was the matter…


SAN FRANCISCO, CA ? December 16 — Double Fine Productions is happy to announce that Stacking, the Russian Doll Adventure recently named Downloadable Game of the Year by G4TV?s X-Play, is coming to the PC.

?I had nothing to do with this,? interjected Steve Dengler of Dracogen Strategic Investments, even though he totally funded the whole thing.

?Please, it is Christmas time and I prefer my good deeds to be anonymous, like Santa,? he added.

?Uh, everybody knows about Santa,? said Stacking creator Lee Petty,

?He?s on every street corner in town.?

?So?s your mother,? said Mr. Dengler.

?Ho ho ho, that?s not Christmas talk,? said Santa Claus, who had slid into the room through the chimney without anyone noticing.

?Christmas is about the spirit of giving, like how Double Fine is giving away the excellent DLC adventure The Lost Hobo King along with Stacking.? Lee and Steven scowled at each other for a bit longer, but then they had to laugh and agree that Santa was right, and everybody gathered around to hug and sing Christmas carols. They sang about what an awesome game Stacking was, how great the Lost Hobo King DLC was, and how lucky everyone was that all this joy would be available on Steam, in the Spring of 2012 at the bargain price of $14.99.

It was a strange song that didn?t rhyme much, but it was heartfelt. And Lee?s mother, who is a saint, never found out about any of this.

Illustration forthcoming should I find the time, although we were at this point waiting for a release date after the VGAs briefly teased this announcement.

Great news for PC gamers, and a nice follow-up considering the recent release of Costume Quest on Steam.  Hopefully we’ll see Trenched and whatever else DF has cooking follow this happy trend.