Nintendo eShop Update: Strayed Lights, Bramble: The Mountain King, The Mortuary Assistant

After the flurry of higher-profile new releases last week, this week’s eShop updated is a little quieter — but not without games worth checking out!

Leading the pack is probably Strayed Lights, an interesting twist on the Soulslike formula where you play as a being of light purging the world of darkness. There’s also Bramble: The Mountain King, a dark fairytale-inspired game that has lots of puzzle-platforming to solve as you try to save your sister. And there are quite a few horror games hitting the Switch this week, including The Mortuary Assistant, which got rave reviews when it came out on PC last year.

See the full list below, and also check out Nintendo’s updated Game Store list, here.

This week?s Nintendo Download includes the following content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Omega Strikers ? Duke it out in this free-to-play online multiplayer showdown! Smash opponents off the arena and score goals in this lightning-fast 3-v-3 footbrawler. As one of more than 15 Strikers, you?ll sling slime, toss tofu and rocket boost to victory, air hockey style. Omega Strikers slides onto Nintendo Switch today!

Nintendo Mobile:

  • Discover the New Course, Athens Dash, in Mario Kart Tour! ? The limited-time Spring Tour event is happening now! Tour a crop of Europe?s cultural capitals, including a new course, Athens Dash and new course variants Paris Promenade B and Berlin Byways R/T. And what better way to sightsee these iconic cities than as the newly added driver Toad (Tourist)? The Spring Tour runs until 10:59 p.m. PT on May 2. Download and play for free on your smart device! For more information about the Mario Kart Tour mobile game, visit the official site:

Nintendo eShop sales:

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