Capcom sources free Monster Hunter-themed armor in Sonic Frontiers

With Sonic going after towering enemies that can swat him away like a fly in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, it seems SEGA has commissioned Capcom to fashion armor to protect their budding movie star. Capcom will be providing two pieces of purely cosmetic armors for Sonic to wear as he explores the Starfall Islands. Many Rathalos (one of the more recognizable monsters from Capcom?s Monster Hunter series) have been slew to provide 2 sets of armor that will be free to download for players.

The first one is your standard Rathalos armor which like any good armor should provide protection from head to toe, the second set is the Felyne Rathalos which is usually meant for a hunter?s buddy, the adorable palico. The Capcom collaboration DLC also includes a cooking minigame which can provide a boost in your adventure.

Sonic Frontiers will be coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms November 14th.

Monster Hunter x Sonic Frontiers Special DLC Pack screens/art: