NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection adds Mega Man to its lineup

NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection games always seem to drop with zero notice, but every time it does my usual reaction is gasping audibly and pointing frantically at my screen. Well the latest drop is even intriguing as it is a rare 3rd party release for the niche portable console, Mega Man Battle & Fighters ports the two Mega Man Arcade titles (The Power Battle and The Power Fighters).

Playing as Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass or Duo, take on bosses from Mega Man 1-7 in order to stop Dr. Wily?s latest plot for world domination. The game?s data trading function has been disabled (which makes sense since pocket selection titles link support only allows you to trade with yourself?pretty useless if you?re looking to trade for new data) and the game?s in-game language and manual remain untranslated from its original Japan version.

The press release also acknowledges the existence of NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection Vol. 2, which means we?re getting another collection of previously solo NGPC Selection releases bundled into a singular package. It?s likely this title will be included in that compilation. However if you want to play Mega Man Battle & Fighters, you can grab it on the Nintendo eShop for $7.99.

NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection – Mega Man Battle & Fighters screens: