Reminder: Nintendo Switch pricing, release date revealed tonight

Hold onto your hats Nintendo fans, the Nintendo Switch live presentation takes place tonight.  Thankfully we’ll finally get an official release date, pricing details and information on the library of launch titles, and hopefully as much info as humanly possible.

Regardless of all those details, once pre-orders open up, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be nearly impossible to secure a unit.   We’re hoping for the best, but we’ve been through this many times with Nintendo hardware launches over the years.

Anyway, The presentation will be live from Tokyo, and us in North America can check it out at 8pm PT/11pm ET at the official site, via YouTube or Twitch.  There will also be a Nintendo Treehouse follow-up event the next morning at 6:30am PT/9:30am ET.

Exciting times!  Please make sure to stop by for our coverage.