Final Fantasy XV tops 5 million units worldwide

FFXV-logoFinal Fantasy XV has already exceeded 5 million units shipped to retail and sold via digital storefronts according to an announcement from Square Enix today. These global launch figures apparently earns it the title of “fastest selling game in the history of the Final Fantasy series”.  They didn’t provide any other statistics or metrics to compare by, so we’re going to take their word for it.

We’re still hard at work on our review (it’s a massive game obviously), but apparently that’s not going to make a huge difference in sales at this point!

Read on for the announcement from Square Enix.

SQUARE ENIX announced that the day one shipment and digital sales for FINAL FANTASY XV, released simultaneously across the globe earlier this week, has exceeded five million units – becoming the fastest selling game in the history of the FINAL FANTASY series.

Receiving critical acclaim from fans across the world for its beautiful world design and graphical quality, combined with open-world freedom and an exciting new battle system, the game is the first in the series’ history to have a simultaneous global launch. SQUARE ENIX will continue to work on projects to expand and enhance customer enjoyment of FINAL FANTASY XV, releasing additional content and associated series products.

To commemorate the release of the game, numerous special launch events also took place across the globe in Japan, North America (USA, Canada), Latin America (Mexico), Europe (UK and Belgium), and China (Shanghai) to celebrate the release with expectant fans from all regions of the world.

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