Ever Oasis journeys to the Nintendo 3DS in 2017

The Nintendo 3DS has more than its fair share of quality RPGs, but we’re alwaysready to add yet another to the ever growing library.

Revealed at the E3 is Ever Oasis, is a new action RPG coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS thanks to Nintendo and developer GREZZO Inc. It’s scheduled for a 2017 release at this point, so RPG fans will have to have a little patience for the charming looking dungeon explorer.

Discover the trailer and screens below.

Ever Oasis trailer:

Ever Oasis screens:

This action-adventure RPG for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems contains puzzle-filled dungeons, real-time battles, exploration and treasure hunting. Players use the oasis as their base, which they can expand as they play, and gain affinity with characters called Seedlings, who are themed after plant seeds, as well as a variety of other unique characters who live in the desert. Players can freely form strategic parties with any of their allied characters, using allies’ weapons and skills to battle enemies and solve dungeon puzzles. Ever Oasis is scheduled to launch in 2017.