Final Fantasy Explorers’ Trance Mode brings back classic characters

final-fantasy-explorers-logoFinal Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS will have a lot of fan service for sure — by that we mean, 11 favorite “legendary” characters from previous Final Fantasy installments: Cloud, Tidus, Aerith, Terra, Squall, Tifa, Cecil… and the list goes on.

In advance of its impending release, Square Enix dropped off an infographic detailing the classic Final Fantasy characters that will be lending their battle skills to players, along with a new Trance Mode gameplay video showing them in action.

Final Fantasy Explorers Trance Mode trailer:

Final Fantasy Explorers Legacy infographic:

Next Tuesday, players will be able to transform into 11 classic Final Fantasy characters featured in the upcoming multiplayer action role-playing adventure Final Fantasy Explorers. During battle, while in Trance Mode, players can harness the incredible power of legendary Final Fantasy characters and utilize their ultimate attacks. Clever use of the Trance system is one of the keys to defeating foes. The full infographic detailing the characters can be viewed below:

Fans will recognize the popular moves of their favorite characters, including Cloud’s Omnislash (Final Fantasy VII), Terra’s Riot Blade (Final Fantasy VI) and Tidus’ Blitz Ace (Final Fantasy X). Players can unlock the characters by speaking to the local town moogles for rare quests that reward special character magicites, which you can equip at the town’s central crystal.

Players can see Trance Mode in action, along with battle gameplay, characters, and summons in the new trailer released today, inviting players to enjoy the true legacy of Final Fantasy.

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