Skylanders SuperChargers review for iOS, Apple TV

Platform: iOS
Also On: Apple TV
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Vicarious Visions
Medium: Digital/Physical Starter Pack
Players: 1-2
Online: Yes/DLC
ESRB: E10+

Skylanders on the go? Doesn?t seem too convenient right? I mean think about it. Who wants to carry around a portal and all their Skylander toys and vehicles? Well, with Superchargers on iOS, you have the option to use instant versions of characters you own. I think this is a very innovative way to incorporate the game for mobile. Now, don?t get me wrong. We did get an iOS version of Trap Team last year that did fairly well. So what sets this year?s game apart?

First and foremost, SuperChargers for iOS is the exact console experience that you would expect get on the PS3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, and the Wii U. For a more in depth review of those versions see our review here. For this release, I will be speaking more about what?s unique to the iOS and even the new Apple TV. Most of my time was spent with the iPad version, however I was able to see how the Apple TV version runs, as well as play local multiplayer between an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and the Apple TV.


*Before you start a game, make sure you?re logged into your iCloud account on each of your devices to properly sync your save data between devices for a truly unified experience. For the most part, other than visually, SuperChargers is a near perfect port on the iOS and tvOS. The most interesting thing about this release is knowing the file size isn?t small on the console counterparts, so how do you get a game that is over 10GB onto the Apple TV app store when the max file upload is 200MB?

Vicarious Vision once again makes sure to be innovative and finds a way to make this work by using cloud streaming. You need to have an active Wi-Fi signal to get the proper data while you play the game. You have a couple of options when choosing how you want to play. The easy way is going into the app store on either devices and get the free download for Skylanders SuperChargers. The other and traditional route is to purchase the starter pack from your local retailer or online, which gives you a wireless portal of power, wireless controller, two SuperChargers, and a land vehicle.


You will still need to download the game from the app store for the starter pack. For anyone that already owns Skylanders, the good news is all of your existing toys will work with the new portal. If you want to enjoy the game, but want a digital only experience, you can do that by purchasing instant characters to use without the portal. Between your iCloud and Game Center, all of your data and characters will be seamlessly compatible.

The biggest standout for this release, was the inclusion of the Apple TV version. For those that haven?t read much or anything on the new Apple TV, it has been updated with a new operating system called tvOS. This includes a dedicated app store and the new remote can double as a game controller.

The Siri remote with touch surface is an inferior replacement for a game that uses four or more face buttons. Again, Vicarious Vision found a way to take this tiny remote to the next level. The thing is, they are only allowed to use the play/pause button as an actual face button. They created a control scheme that I think kids will adapt to better than someone like me. Between simple taps, to holding the button, they?ve somehow found a way to make this console based control scheme work with one button. Impressive VV. Impressive.

Overall, this was already a great game and now you can play it on the go. I would recommend to give the game a shot, and if you enjoy it, pick up the starter pack. If this is a sign of future mobile games, then sign me up.

Grade: A-