Xbox Games Store Update – Trials Fusion

xbox_logoRedLynx’s frustratingly fun and super addictive motorsport obstacle racer, Trials Fusion, is now available to download for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on their respective Xbox marketplaces.

The game itself costs $19.99, though you can pick up the jam-packed Season Pass for another $19.99 if you’re looking for nearly endless new content over the next few months.

Links and info below.

Trials Fusion [Xbox One], Trials Fusion [Xbox 360] ($19.99)

Welcome to the next generation of Trials! With its glimmering vision of what our future holds were technology and nature to co-exist, combined with today’s most exciting and popular motorsport, Trials Fusion has retained and enhanced the essential features from its best-selling, critically acclaimed predecessors, Trials Evolution and Trials HD. A magnificent fusion of the proven, no-frills Trials formula based on ultra-addictive competition with the cutting edge of graphics and social networking.